LeanIX Integration

Visualize your enterprise architecture easily with the LeanIX integration!

Lucidchart’s out-of-the-box integration with LeanIX enhances collaboration and architecture modeling. Whether you’d like to continue working out of LeanIX or are looking to migrate to Lucidchart as your new workspace, this integration will work for you.

Please note that the LeanIX integration is only available for users on Team and Enterprise account types. If you are on a Free or Individual account type and would like to use the integration, please visit our pricing page to set up a Team trial or contact us at leanix_sales@lucidchart.com.
Lucidchart is now available as a third diagram type in LeanIX (no installation necessary). You can add visual context to your enterprise architecture by embedding Lucidchart diagrams into LeanIX.

To embed a Lucidchart diagram into your LeanIX EA, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the “Diagrams” tab in LeanIX. Select “Create new.”
  • Choose Lucidchart as your diagram type, and log in to your Lucidchart account.


  • Select “Create new” to create a new Lucidchart document. Type in a name, and select “Create in Lucidchart.” You will be redirected to Lucidchart to create the diagram.


  • To embed an existing Lucidchart document, select “Import existing document from Lucidchart.” Please note that Lucidchart diagrams in LeanIX are marked as “Lucidchart.”


  • To link a diagram in a fact sheet in LeanIX, navigate to the “Inventory” tab in LeanIX and select the fact sheet. Go to the “Resources” tab, and select “Add a Resource.” Select “Diagram” and select the name of the diagram you would like to link to. The diagram link can be found in the “Resources” tab and on the “Linked Diagrams” section on the right panel.


If you have created an EA diagram in LeanIX but want to expand upon it using advanced diagramming functionality, you can migrate it to Lucidchart without losing any of your work.

To convert a LeanIX Diagram into a Lucidchart document, follow these steps:
  • Select the diagram in the “Diagrams” section you’d like to import. Under more options, select “Export to Lucidchart.” The diagram will open in Lucidchart.