Download a tagged PDF for use with assistive technologies like screen readers.

Accessing Accessibility Settings
  • To access accessibility settings, select the “Accessibility Settings” option from the file menu in the editor.

  • Alternatively, you can access accessibility settings directly through the download flow by selecting the “Accessible PDF” checkbox and then selecting the “Accessibility Settings” link.

Changing Reading Order
  • Reading order is initially based on the order in which shapes, lines, and other elements are added to the canvas.
  • To modify reading order, go to accessibility settings and drag and drop the tiles in the correct order in the reordering pane. This reading order will be preserved upon download.

Lines and Connectors
    • Once a line is connected to at least one shape node, it becomes a connector. For improved clarity, connectors use and export the following script: "[Connector] connecting [Shape A] and [Shape B]". For example, if a line contains the text "Yes" and connects with shapes that contain the text "Decision A" and "Process A", the script will read, "Yes connecting Decision A and Process A".


    • If a connector does not contain text, it will use and export the word "Connector" within the script. If a connected shape does not contain text, it will use and export the name of the shape.
Adding Alt Text
      • To add alternative text to images and graphics, go to accessibility settings, select the tile of the element where you want to add alt text, and then type the alternative text in the “Alt Text” box.

      • You can use this method to add replacement text to any type of element, including text elements.
Managing Links
      • When linking an image or shape, you can specify the purpose of the link and the destination using alt text.
      • When linking text, ensure the text itself conveys the purpose of the link. Use concise, human-readable text instead of a URL. For example, Weather in New York City is more user-friendly and descriptive than the associated URL:
Download an Accessible PDF
    • To download an accessible PDF, select “Download As” > “PDF” in the file menu. In the download flow, select the “Accessible PDF” checkbox and then “Download”.