The Admin Panel: Licensing Settings

To enable organizations to use Lucidchart as a hub for storing and sharing information, Lucidchart allows Enterprise accounts to have view-only users - that is, users who can view documents but are not factored into a team’s paid license count. Adjust your team's licensing settings and determine the growth of your team in the Licensing tile of the admin panel.


If you are the admin of a Team account and would like to upgrade to Enterprise, check out our pricing page or contact our sales team

You can adjust your Enterprise team’s licensing settings in the Licensing tile of the admin panel. To adjust your Lucidchart account’s licensing settings, navigate to the top finger tab, check the box next to the setting you want to adjust, and then click “save changes.” Read the sections below for more information about the settings you can adjust.
This setting determines what happens when a new user joins your team, whether added manually or via domain lockdown. If you select "automatically grant license," all users will come in as full editing licensed users. If you select "do not automatically grant license," all users will come in as view-only users.
This setting determines what happens when a user on your team requests a license. Depending on which setting you select, they will either be automatically granted a license or become a "pending request" in your user list.
This setting determines whether non-admins can invite new users to your team. Allowing non-admins to add new users will ensure that members of your team will be able to share documents with anyone, even if they are not currently using Lucidchart.
This setting determines what will happen in the instance where a user requests a license when your team's license count is up. If you select "automatically upgrade team to a larger size," your team's license count will automatically grow by 10. Otherwise, you will need to reach out to Lucidchart to grow your license count.
You can customize the license request process for users on your team by selecting "enable custom dialog." You can then create a custom message as well as a button label and URL.
If your company is a bigger organization and you’re worried about getting a large amount of license requests in your email every day, you can navigate to the “Notifications” tab and select to “Receive a single weekly digest of license requests” instead of instant notifications.