The Admin Panel: User Management

In the User tile of the admin panel, you can add, view, and manage the users on your Lucidchart Team or Enterprise account.


Note that many team management integrations are only available to Enterprise accounts. To upgrade to an Enterprise account, check out our pricing page or contact our sales team

When you open the User tile, you will land upon your User page, which displays the current state of your Lucidchart Team or Enterprise account.


User List
In the center of the page you will see your user list, with each row representing a user on your account. You can export this list as a CSV by clicking Actions > Export CSV.


To view a user’s information, simply click on their row in the user list. In the panel that appear, you can modify their license type, group, or role.

You can filter your user list by selecting one of the following options from the "All Users" dropdown on the left:
  • All Users: All users regardless of license type
  • Licensed Users: Users who have a full-edit Lucidchart license
  • View-Only Users: User with view-only capabilities
  • Pending Invitations: Individuals invited to your organization's Lucidchart account who have not yet accepted the invitation to join
  • Requested Lucidchart: View-only users who have requested a Lucidchart license
Team Tree
To the left of the user list is your team tree, representing the hierarchy of users on your account. Your team name will appear at the top of the tree, underneath which will display the groups and sub-groups that make it up. See the “Manage Teams and Groups” section below to learn how to create groups and populate them with users.


License Count
The orange and green bars beneath your team tree represent your team’s license count. Click “Add More” to purchase more licenses. As an admin you can easily reassign licenses to users within your account. To do this, select a user by clicking on their name. Click "Edit" next to "Licenses" on the right-hand side of your screen. In the window that pops up, check or uncheck the box next to "Lucidchart" under "Licenses" to add or take away that user’s license. If you remove that user’s license, you will have the option to transfer the user’s files to another person within your organization by typing an email address in the "New Document Owner" field. This field will auto-populate with users currently on your account.

You can add users individually or in bulk. To add an individual user by email, enter their email address in the text box below the user list and click “Invite to Team.”



You can enter multiple emails by clicking +User or "Invite multiple users."


If you would like to add more personalized information to the new user’s account, select the “Add Manually” finger tab. In addition entering the user's name and email, you can assign the new user to a group and set a password for them.

If you would like to add a multiple users to your team at a time, you can do so by pulling a list of domains from your Google instance (if you are integrated with GSuite) or by CSV upload.

To add users in bulk by CSV upload, follow these steps:
  1. Create a spreadsheet in the following format and save it as a .csv file.
  2. In Lucidchart, click Team > Users, then click “Invite multiple users.”
  3. Select the “CSV Upload” finger tab.
  4. Click “Choose File” and select your .csv.
  5. Click “Add to Team” on the bottom right.
Account Owners and Team Admins can manage the licenses of users on their Enterprise accounts. Please see the Enterprise Licensing Help Center article for instructions on how to grant or remove a user’s license.
Use groups to divide your team based on relevant criteria, such as department or region. Groups promote easy user management and file sharing between users.

To the left of the user list you will see a tree representing the organizational structure of your Lucidchart account. At the top you will see your team name - this is the parent group that encompasses all of the users on the account. Any groups and sub-groups will be nested beneath this. To create a group, click the pencil icon next to your team name, then select "create group."
Right-click the name of a user to see what group they are in, then click “Edit Groups” to add them to another group. That user will be able to share and access documents and folders shared with that group.
Group Admins are Admins that can be assigned on the group level, allowing Enterprise accounts to be managed according to an organization’s team or department.

As an Account Owner or Team Admin you can assign Group Admins by following these steps:
  1. Navigate to Team > Users.
  2. Right-click the group for which you would like to assign a Group Admin.
  3. Select Manage Group Admins.

Features and capabilities of Group Admins include:
  • Group Admins can respond to license request from view-only users in their assigned group.
  • Account Owner and Team Admins can opt out of receiving license request emails for users that are managed by a Group Admin.
You can delete a user by right-clicking on the user’s name in your user list and selecting “Delete Users.” A dialog will display the user’s account activity. You will have the option to assign a new content owner to that user’s files within your organization.


  • If you do not transfer a user’s documents to another user upon deletion, all of their created documents will be lost.
  • When you delete a user, they will be removed from your Lucidchart account altogether. As an alternative, you can de-license a user. You will still have to transfer their documents, but they will remain on your account as a view-only user.
There are three different admin roles associated with Lucidchart Team and Enterprise accounts: Account Owner, Team Admin, and Billing Admin. A fourth admin role, Group Admin is only available to Enterprise accounts. See the table below to learn about the capabilities involved with each role.

  Account Owner Team Admin Group Admin Billing Admin
Change subscription level X     X
View billing history X     X
Manage account-wide integrations X X    
Manage account-wide settings (eg. collaboration, identity management) X X    
Add and remove users X X    
License and unlicense users X X X  
Modify the roles of other admins X X  
Become an unlicensed (view-only) user *see note below X X X

*Please note the following:
  • Accounts can only have one account owner, but they can have an unlimited amount of team and billing admins.
  • While team admins can assign the billing admin role to other users, they cannot assign it to themselves.
  • While account owners and team admins can remove the licenses of other (billing and/or team) admins, they cannot add or remove their own licenses.
  • If you are an account owner and would like to become unlicensed, please contact
If you are currently the account owner, you can make this change through your admin panel under the Users tile. First, select the user you would like to be the new account owner, then select “Actions”, then select “Make Account Owner”. 
If you are not currently the account owner, please reach out to the account owner or contact support.