Docs Not Saving: Troubleshooting Steps

Saving issues in Lucidchart are rare. If you are experiencing one, we want to help! Follow the troubleshooting steps below to help ensure you do not lose any work.

Do not close your Lucidchart document
Do not refresh your browser, close your Lucidchart document, or restart your computer while trying to fix the saving issue. Closing the Lucidchart document will cause you to lose any unsaved changes.

Check your internet connection
Saving issues might be related to your internet connection so make sure you're on fast, reliable internet.

If you’re not able to connect to reliable internet, leave the Lucidchart document open until you can.

Copy your content to a new document
If you’re still experiencing a saving issue, copy your content into a new document. While we want to get to the bottom of the saving issue, we don’t want you to lose work in the meantime. To copy your content to a new doc, follow these steps:

  1. In the document with the saving issue, select all your content.
  2. In the document with the saving issue, copy all the selected content.
  3. In a separate browser tab, create a new Lucidchart document (DO NOT close the document with the saving issue yet).
  4. Paste the content into the new document.
  5. Wait for a successful “Saved” notification.
  6. Repeat this process if you have multiple pages in the document with unsaved changes

Report the issue to our support team
Please report the issue so we’re aware of it and can help if you weren’t able to fix it by following the steps above.

Leave the Lucidchart document with the saving issue open until you are able to work with our support team on it. Support will be able to better assist if you do not refresh or close out of the document with the saving issue.