Zapier Integration

You can now connect your Zapier account to Lucidchart! Our integration with Zapier allows you to add Lucidchart-specific actions to your Zaps.

Please note: our integration with Zapier only allows you to push information to Lucidchart through actions. You cannot currently pull information from Lucidchart via Zapier. If you would benefit from bi-directional functionality between Zapier and Lucidchart, please submit a feature request to our product team here!  

Before you can add a Lucidchart action to your Zap, you must first upload a data set into Lucidchart that you would like Zapier to update. Please see the Link Spreadsheet Data to Lucidchart Diagrams article to learn how to do this. 

How to add a Lucidchart action to your Zap:

  1. Create a new Zap on Zapier.
  2. Set up your desired trigger.


  3. Click “Add a Step.”


  4. Click “Action/Search.”


  5. Under “Choose an Action App,” search for “Lucidchart.”
  6. Select the Lucidchart app.


  7. Select a Lucidchart action from the list:


  8. Connect your Lucidchart account to Zapier by clicking "Connect an Account" and then “Grant Access.”


  9. Select a previously uploaded data set from your Lucidchart account.


    If you cannot find the data set you're looking for, you can click Refresh.png 
    to refresh your options.
  10. Once you select a data set, you will find different options to specify the action that occurs to your data set in Lucidchart when your Zap is activated. These options differ depending on the Zap’s trigger you selected during step #2.
  11. Once you have chosen the specific action you want your Zap to trigger, you can test, name, and activate your Zap! Be sure to double check that your Zap says “Your Zap Is On” before closing Zapier.