The Lucidchart App for Schoology

To install the Lucidchart App for Schoology, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Schoology Account and go to the App Center.

  2. Click “Organization Apps” to the right of the “App Center” title on the white toolbar directly beneath the main blue toolbar.

  3. Scroll down to the Lucidchart app and click “Install/Remove.”

  4. Sign into your Lucidchart account and click “Team” at the top of your Documents Page.

  5. Click on the "App Integration" tile.

  6. Select the Schoology tile and copy the API Key and API Secret.
    Note: If the Schoology tile is not appearing for you, this either means you are not on an Edu Enterprise account or you do not have Schoology enabled. Please see the section above below to enable Schoology.


  7. Return to the Schoology Organization Apps and click on the "Configure" button for the Lucidchart app.

  8. Paste the Consumer Key and Shared Secret, and click "Save Settings."
To add the Lucidchart App to Schoology, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Schoology Account.

  2. Click the 4 squares at the top right of your account to enter the App Center.

  3. Scroll down to the Lucidchart app and click on the icon.

  4. Click "Install Resource App." A box will appear that asks you to consent to sharing information with a third party outside of Schoology, only as it helps the third party complete their required tasks. Click "I Agree."


  5. In the next page of the dialog, click "Install for Me."

  6. In the next page of the dialog, check the box next to "Add to My Resources" and then click "Install." You will now see your apps when you click on the App Center.

  1. From inside a Schoology course, click on Materials on the left panel, and then “Add Materials.”

  2. A drop-down menu will appear. Select “Add Assignment.”

  3. In the “Description” box, click on the “Insert Content” button (the box with a diagonal arrow).

  4. Select the Lucidchart app.

  5. Your Lucidchart document library will appear. From there, select the document you want to attach to the assignment. Hover your mouse over the assignment and click on the word “select.”

  6. When you select the document, a link will be added to the assignment. The title of the link is populated from the name of your document. (A note to teachers: Inserting a link “publishes” the original document which means that it is now a public document. Anyone with the link will receive access to a new copy of the document).

  7. Fill in any assignment details and press “create.” The assignment will appear, indicated by the paper/pencil icon. When a student clicks on the link in the assignment, it will take the student to a new copy of that document in Lucidchart. It gives anyone with the link a new copy. If you make changes to the original document, they will be reflected in the copies. (You can repeat this same process to add a Lucidchart document to a discussion or a page).

  1. From inside a course, click on “Add Materials” on the left panel. A second panel will appear to the right: select the Lucidchart app option.

  2. Your Lucid document library will populate. Select any document.

  3. After selecting a document, a link will be added to the course home page. The title of the link is the name of your document. When a person clicks on the link, it will take him/her to a new copy of that document within his/her Lucidchart account. (A note to teachers: this “publishes” the original document and makes it public to anyone with the link. By clicking on the link, the student will receive a new copy of the document. Any changes made to the original document will be reflected in the copies).

  1. When inside a Schoology course, select the Lucidchart option on the far left panel. This opens your Lucidchart documents library inside Schoology.

  2. From here, you can either access your existing documents or create a new folder or document.

    To open an existing document, click on your desired document. It will open the document in the editor in a new tab. Click the “Save and Close” button in the top left corner.

    To create a new document, click on the orange “+document” button at the top. It will open a new tab with the editor. Make sure to click “Save and Close” in the top left corner.

  1. Prior to opening your Schoology account, download your Lucidchart document as a PDF.

    To download from your Lucidchart account, click on “File” in the top left toolbar, then “Download As,” then “PDF.”


    Review your print options and click “download” when you are ready.

  2. Now go to your Schoology course and click on the assignment you will submit.

  3. On the right-hand side under “Submissions,” click on “Submit Assignment.”

  4. From the “Upload” tab, click on the file icon to upload the PDF.

  5. Select the document you want to upload. The name will appear in the box. Then click the blue “Submit” button.

  6. The assignment will appear as submitted.