Work with Templates in Lucidchart

Save time when diagramming by starting from a Lucidchart template or by creating and sharing custom templates. Custom templates allow you to create multiple documents from one template, so you don’t need to waste time building a document from scratch every time.

Click here to learn how to use Team Folders to organize your team's templates!

To open a product template, first navigate to the template gallery by either selecting “Templates” from the docs list navigation bar or by selecting New Document from the file menu in the editor.


Next, browse the template gallery by selecting categories or searching. Some templates have two versions, one serving as an example, usually denoted by having “example” in the title, with content already filled in, and another with just the core shapes and no content.
Once you find a template you want to create, click the blue Open Template button. Note: Some templates are premium, denoted by the infinity image4.pngicon, and require a paid subscription to access.
Editing or changing a template varies and depends on the subject matter and features/shapes used.

Most templates include a resource bar located on the right side of the canvas that provides instructions and resources on how to best edit the template. 
Aforementioned, some templates have two versions, one serving as an example with content already filled in, and another with just the core shapes and no content. In these cases, there will be a link to the respective sibling template in the resource bar.

Note: To follow links in the editor, please hold Shift + ⌘ or Ctrl and then click. To watch videos, first, enter presentation mode by clicking on the Present button in the top right corner and then clicking the play button on the Present video shape.

To create a custom template, follow these steps:

  1. Open a blank document.
  2. Build your custom template on your canvas.
  3. Once you are done building your template, navigate to your documents page.
  4. Locate the document you just created.
  5. Right-click on the document name.
  6. Select “Convert to Template.”

  7. Select a template category and add a description for your template.


You have now created a custom template. You will see the word “template” above the document’s name.


To create a new document using this custom template, hover over the template name and select “new” or select your custom template from the "personal" section of your templates gallery.


Watch this video for a demonstration of how to create a custom template.

After you’ve created a custom template, you can share your template with collaborators or a team.

To share a custom template, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the template on your documents page.
  2. Hover over the template name and select the “Share” icon.

  3. Enter your collaborator’s name or email and choose their sharing permissions. You can also share the template with your team by typing in your team name.
    • If you want your collaborators to be able to change the template, make sure to grant them “edit” access.
    • If you do not want your collaborators to change the template, make sure to only give “view” access. This will allow collaborators to edit the template once they create their own new document from the template, but they will not be able to change the template itself.
  4. Click “Share.”

This template will appear in your collaborators’ “Shared With Me” folder. They can create a new document from this template by hovering over the document name and selecting “new.” If they have edit permission, they can make changes to the template itself by double-clicking on the template document.

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