The Lucidchart Sales Solution

The Lucidchart Sales Solution is the easiest way to visualize your sales processes and build account maps that push your Sales Org to close better deals faster.

Please note: the features outlined in this article are restricted to accounts which have purchased the Lucidchart Sales Solution. Only limited account mapping functionality is available for professional, team, and enterprise accounts.

Contact our sales team to enable the Lucidchart Sales Solution for your account.

  1. Open the Account for which you want to build an Account Map in Salesforce.
  2. Click the “Lucidchart Account Map” icon on the upper-left corner. This will open Lucidchart in a new browser tab.


You have now successfully created a Lucidchart Account Map. This Account Map is automatically linked to the same Account in Salesforce.

  1. After opening the Account Map, select “Open contacts panel” under the company name on the left panel.

  2. Your account contacts will appear in alphabetical order. You can also search contacts by typing in the contact’s name where it says “Search contacts…” at the top of the panel to easily locate contacts.

  3. You can also change how your contacts are ordered by clicking the ReorderIcon.png icon and selecting one of the following options:


    Additionally, you can filter your contacts by clicking the FiltersIcon.png icon.

    Filters allow you to search your contacts even if you do not know the contact’s name. Please note that the filters you see will depend on the contact information you have entered for that account on Salesforce.

  4. Once you locate the contact you want to add to your Account Map, simply click on the contact, then drag and drop the contact to your canvas.
  5. Repeat steps 2-3 to add more contacts to your Account Map.
  6. Click the Refresh_Icon.png icon to refresh your contacts. This two-way sync will update any changes made in Salesforce or Lucidchart, so that the contact information automatically remains consistent on both platforms.

To add contacts from a different account to an existing Account Map, follow these steps:

  1. Open the existing Account Map document.
  2. Navigate to “File” > “Import Data” > “Salesforce” > “Account Map.”

  3. Search for the account by name in the pop-up window.

  4. Select the account you want to add and click "Import."
  5. The selected account will appear in the panel on the left side of your canvas. Select “Open contacts panel” to view contacts from this account.

You can now drag-and-drop contacts from a different account to your existing Account Map.

To delete a contact from your Account Map, simply select the contact on your canvas and click the “delete” button on your keyboard. Alternatively, right-click on the contact on your canvas and select “delete.”


Please note: deleting a contact from your canvas will not delete them from your Salesforce contacts. If you want to completely remove a contact from your Salesforce contacts, you must do that directly in Salesforce.

  1. Select a contact on your Account Map.
  2. Select the EditContactIcon.png icon, found on your contact, to view contact details.
  3. Hover over the contact details with your mouse and select the EditContact.png icon to edit contact details.
  4. To view the contact details in Salesforce, click “Contact Details.”

  5. To add an image to a contact, select the contact and click the checkbox next to “photo” on the properties bar above the canvas.


    You can upload an image by adding a public-source image URL where it says “enter image URL” or you can upload a file from your computer by clicking “+UPLOAD” and then choosing your image.
  6. To add a LinkedIn Profile to a contact, select the contact and paste their LinkedIn profile URL where it says “enter LinkedIn URL” in the properties bar above the canvas.


To create a contact placeholder, select the “+ New Contact” button on the bottom right corner.


This will create a blank contact in Salesforce. You can go back and edit contact details as you gain more information about the contact.

  1. Select the contact you would like to add an opportunity to from your canvas.
  2. Navigate to the properties bar above the canvas and click the drop-down menu under “OPPORTUNITY.”

  3. Select “+ Assign to Opportunity”

  4. Select the opportunity you want to assign to the contact by searching through your open Salesforce opportunities.


    Please note: the opportunity options you see may differ depending on your Salesforce data and settings.
  5. Once you have selected the opportunity, click Screen_Shot_2019-01-18_at_11.33.27_AM.png to save.

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