Team Folders - Beta

If you’re an Enterprise user, collaboration is now easier than ever with Team Folders! Read on to learn about all the benefits and features of Team Folders.

Please note that Team Folders is currently in beta testing and has not been released to all enterprise users yet. If you are interested in joining the beta testing, please contact

Team Folders make collaboration easier than ever by allowing Enterprise teams to store documents in one place that can be made accessible to all team members.

You no longer need to worry about losing documents if a team member leaves your team because all documents are stored in the Team Folder rather than in individual accounts. Furthermore, you can use Team Folders to easily transfer file ownership from one team member to another. 

Team Folders can be made accessible to all team members, or you can share a Team Folder to a subset of team members.

These adjustable access settings make it easy to organize work for different projects or teams.

Team Folders are similar to Shared Folders because they both enable collaboration.

However, Team Folders are different from Shared Folders because Team Folders are managed by the Team, but are not “owned” by a single team member. Unlike Shared Folders, which are individually owned folders that have been shared with collaborators, Team Folders belong to the parent Enterprise account. This means you don’t need to worry about losing access to your team’s work if a team member leaves the company or project; it’s all stored and owned by the Team Folder.

Team Folders are not owned by any individual team member. Instead, team members can choose who can access and edit Team Folders and the corresponding documents. Any team member with editing and sharing permissions for a Team Folder can add or remove other collaborators and manage (add, delete, edit, or share) documents and folders within the Team Folder.

If you drag a document outside of a Team Folder and into your personal documents, then you become the new document owner, overriding the previous Team Folder permissions. However, if you share an individual document with a collaborator, then your collaborator will maintain access to that document even if the document is dragged out of or into a Team Folder.

To access Team Folders, navigate to your Documents Page and select “Team Folders” on the left side folder manager.


Here, you will find all the Team Folders to which you have access.

To create a new Team Folder, select “Team Folders” from the folder manager found on the left side of your Documents Page.

Then, click the NewTeamFolder.png icon to create a new Team Folder.

To add a document to your Team Folder, drag the document into the Team Folder or use one of the CreateTeamFolder.png icons to create or import a new document.

Please note: you cannot drag an existing folder into a Team Folder. 

However, you can create a new folder within the Team Folder by clicking the NEwFolder.png icon.

To invite other team members to collaborate in your Team Folder, simply right click on the Team Folder or any document within the Team Folder and select “Share.” It is not currently possible to share folders within a Team Folders.

Please note: you need editing and sharing permission for the Team Folder to add or remove collaborators.

To delete a Team Folder, right-click on the Team Folder and select “delete”


Please note: in order to delete a Team Folder you need have editing and sharing permissions for that Team Folder.

If you do not want to completely delete the Team Folder, but want to remove yourself as a collaborator on the Team Folder, you must add another collaborator and grant them editing and sharing access before removing your own permissions.

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