Why Did Lucid Charge my Credit Card?

If you have received a charge on your credit card from “lucidchart.com/charge,” read on to learn why this charge was issued.

What is Lucid?
Lucid is a software as a service company based in South Jordan, Utah. We have two online products: Lucidchart, a diagramming tool, and Lucidpress, a design and brand management platform.

Why are we charging you?
We are charging you because you (or a family member, or someone at your company) purchased a monthly or annual subscription to Lucidchart or Lucidpress. It is possible that you started a free credit card trial that has expired and converted to a paid subscription, or that your subscription has automatically renewed.

Not sure who signed you up?
If you are not sure who signed you up for Lucidchart or Lucidpress, please contact our support team through the Lucidchart billing form or the Lucidpress billing form and we will help track down the email address associated with your account.

Can I get a copy of the invoice?
Yes, you can access the invoices associated with your account in your account settings.

Find more information about your current subscription, past payments, invoices, and billing information here!

Note: If you are the billing admin of a team account, you can find your payment history in the billing section of the admin panel, which you can access by clicking “team” in the top bar of your screen.