Links and Hotspots

Add complexity and interactivity to your diagrams with links and hotspots! For information on how to toggle layers with hotspots, see the layers article. 

Links can connect to another page within the document, an external page, or an email prompt. Follow these steps to create a simple link:

  1. Highlight the text or select the object you want to turn into a link.
  2. Click on the link icon in the Options bar. Chain Link Symbol
  3. A window will appear with the option to select a link action. Choose “Link to Page,” “External Link,” or “Link to Email.” Follow the prompt and add the URL or email address you want to link to.
  4. Click “Done.”

If you hover over the linked object or text, a tool tip appears, suggesting that you hold Shift+Ctrl (Shift+Command for Mac). When you follow that suggestion, you’ll notice that linked objects glow green. Click the object to initiate the action.

Once a link is connected to an object, just right-click the object to change the link. You can also click the link icon again to edit it.

Please note: links are not currently supported on mobile browsers.

A hotspot is a designated area of the canvas that performs an action when selected in presentation mode or a published diagram. In advanced diagrams like mockups and wireframes, hotspots are used to create interaction; for example, clicking a button can hide or show the specified layers.

Hotspots offer three simple linking actions (the same as the links in the Properties bar) and three premium actions that work with layers.

Follow these simple steps to create a hotspot and assign an action to it:

  1. Drag and drop the green hotspot shape from the standard shape library onto the selected object, OR right-click on an object and select “Add Hotspot.”

    Add a Hotspot
  2. Click on the drop-down menu.
  3. Select one of the six actions. Decide what you want the hotspot to do. Do you want it to show a layer all the time? Hide a layer like an “off” button? Toggle a layer like a light switch?

    Hotspot Menu
  4. If you’ve chosen a link option, enter the required information and click “Done.” If you’ve chosen an action that works with layers, you’ll need to select a layer on which the hotspot will act.
  5. If you have not created a layer yet…
    • Type a title for the layer into the “Create New Layer” field.
    • Click the [+] sign to create the layer.
    • Select the layer from the list, and click “Done.”

Note: You can select multiple layers for a single action by holding the Ctrl key (Command for Mac). To change an action, just double-click on the hotspot, which will open the action box.

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