Actions (Links) and Hotspots

Add interactivity to your Lucidchart diagrams by adding actions to shapes! Actions allow you to turn any object on your canvas into a button that triggers activity when clicked. You can link your shapes to other pages of your document, external web pages, and even use them to toggle your document’s layers.

To add an action to a shape in your document, select the shape, then click on the lightning bolt icon in the properties bar.


Choose your action type from the top of the modal, then follow the prompts (see sections below for details).

To link your shape to a page of another Lucidchart document, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Document option from the Actions modal.


  2. Click Browse Documents to pull up your documents page.
  3. Click the thumbnail of the document you’d like to link to and use the arrows to toggle to a specific page.
  4. Click Select.
To link your shape to an external web page, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Web option from the Actions modal.


  2. Paste the URL that you would like to link to.
  3. If you would like the URL to load in the same page as the document (rather than open in a new window), un-check the box next to Open in a new window. Otherwise, keep this box checked.
To link your shape to another page of your Lucidchart document, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Page option from the Actions modal.


  2. From the dropdown, select the page that you’d like to link to, or click the + sign to create a new page in your document and link to that page.
To use your shape to toggle, show, or hide one or multiple layers of your document, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Layers option from the Actions modal.


  2. Select a layer or multiple layers from one of the dropdowns.


  3. Check the boxes next to the layer(s) you’d like to hide/show/toggle with the action, or click the + sign to create a new layer to act upon.
  4. Click Done.
To use your shape to trigger the creation of an email to a specifed recipient, follow these steps:
  1. Click the Email option from the Actions modal.


  2. Enter the email address that you would like the triggered emails to be sent to.

Transform your Lucidchart documents into interactive diagrams with actions and hotspots! Actions allow you to turn any shape on your canvas into a button. Read on to learn how actions can help you organize complex documents.

We’ll start with the company fact sheet template to demonstrate how you can improve any document with a few easy steps. The company fact sheet template sets up a brief visual summary of your company for prospective clients, investors, or employees. The template provides spaces for you to showcase your company’s history, products, and goals, as shown below:


Although this template acts as a great starting point, actions allow you to go the extra mile to really impress your audience. Instead of a simple text box with your company’s social media handles, add an action with an external link that sends them directly to your pages. By reducing your audience’s effort, you can increase engagement.

Similarly, don’t just add logos to show that your top clients are ING, Amazon, and CVS. Add an external link action to the logos that takes your audience directly to your clients’ corporate websites. Additionally, if you want to highlight specific accomplishments or projects completed for that client, you can add a page to your document by clicking the Screen_Shot_2019-09-13_at_4.51.58_PM.png icon at the bottom of your canvas. Then, showcase your best work on that page and add an action to the logo that opens the page, as shown here:

(You can learn more about how to use pages in this article.)

Whether you want to display client projects, connect photos to LinkedIn profiles, or toggle additional content with layers, actions help you organize your document to avoid overwhelming your audience. Try it out for yourself with the blank company fact sheet template, or any other Lucidchart document!

What’s the difference between actions and hotspots?
Hotspots are shapes to which you attach an action. You can drag hotspots from the standard shape library and drop them on your canvas, and they remain independent from any other shape. Actions, on the other hand, are attached to a specific shape.

Can I add multiple actions to the same shape?
Yes! You can add a second (or third, etc.) action to a shape by following the same steps you did to add the first action.

How can I trigger the action associated with a shape when I am in the Lucidchart editor?
To trigger the action associated with a shape from the Lucidchart editor, press command/ctrl > Shift, then click on the shape.

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