The Lucidchart Reporter

The Lucidchart Reporter is a component used together with the Reporting add-on by ServiceRocket. You can read up on how to use their add-on in their documentation. The Lucidchart Reporter is closely related to the Content Reporter provided in their add-on, so using some of the recipes for reporting on attachments as a reference may be helpful.


To create a Lucidchart report, follow these steps:

  1. Create a report container, using a macro such as the Report Table or Report Block macros.
  2. Place the Lucidchart Reporter macro inside the report container macro of your choice.
    1. Optionally provide space key(s) in the Lucidchart Reporter macro parameters to only display diagrams from the listed space(s) in the report. By default, it will display diagrams from the current space.
  3. Below the Lucidchart Reporter macro, add Report Info macros for the information you want to display. If you are using a Report Table macro as your report container, you will want to place the Report Info macros inside Report Column macros, similar to what you see in this recipe.
  4. Save the page and view it to see the report.

The Lucidchart Reporter allows you to display special fields using the Report Info macro. You can display the following fields:

  • title
  • file size
  • nice file size
  • space
  • creator
  • creation date
  • modifier
  • modification date
  • thumbnail path
  • viewer path
  • editor path
  • attached to
  • version

You can use a field by creating a Report Info macro and editing its properties so that its key is in the form "lucidchart:<field name>" (e.g., lucidchart:title or lucidchart:modification date).