Offline Mode

When you enable the new offline mode for Lucidchart, your browser will cache your recent documents so that you can make changes to them offline! Read on to learn how to enable and work in offline mode.

You can enable offline mode at any time by following these steps (works on Chrome and Firefox):
  1. Navigate to your account settings from the top right of your screen.
  2. Open the Offline tab.
  3. Toggle the switch to “Make recent Lucidchart documents available on this computer.” The next time you reconnect to the internet, Lucidchart will begin caching your documents.
Since offline mode works through an individual user’s device, each of your users will need to turn on the feature for their own Lucidchart account if they wish to use it. That said, as the account admin, you have the ability to disable the option of offline mode for all users associated with your account. To disable offline mode, or re-enable it after it has been disabled, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the admin panel by clicking “Team” in the top right of the document page.

  2. Click on the identity management tile.

  3. Open the Offline (Beta) finger tab.

  4. Toggle the switch to “Give users the option to store and access Lucidchart documents offline.”

  5. Click “Save changes.”
After you enable offline mode, Lucidchart will begin caching your documents. The length of time this will take will vary based on number of documents, document size, and internet connection. Most users will have all documents cached within minutes.

Lucidchart will start by caching your 10 most recently opened documents and any docs that you opened in the last week. It will then cache your documents by their modification date up to 1 GB. (99.9% of users have less than 1 GB of documents, so it is highly likely that all of your work will be covered!)

You will be able to tell which documents are available offline in the documents page. When you are disconnected from the internet, documents that are not cached will appear greyed out, while those that are cached will appear as they do when you are online.

If you see Screen_Shot_2018-04-20_at_9.38.41_AM.png at the bottom left of a document thumbnail, this means that a sync is pending. The sync will take place once you reconnect to the internet.


When you are editing a document in offline mode, you will see this banner at the top of the editor:

The following features are available offline:
  • iOS compatibility
  • Presentation mode/Google slides export
  • Hotspots and actions/links
  • Internal linking
  • Layers
  • Themes
  • Comments and notes
  • Conditional formatting

The following features are not available offline:
  • Android compatibility 
  • Shared templates, images, and shape libraries
  • Revision history
  • Doc sharing and real-time collaboration
  • Publish to URL, embed, or social media
  • Diagram imports (Visio, Gliffy,, OmniGraffle)
  • Diagram exports (VDX, PDF, PNG, JPEG, CSV) 
  • AWS architecture import
  • Backup/restore
  • SVG/Visio stencil import
  • Chat
  • Custom shape library creation
  • Access to images
  • Data imports (org chart, ERD, mind map, process diagram from CSV)
  • Data linking
  • UML markup
Will Lucidchart save new documents that I create in offline mode?
No. Lucidchart will not cache new documents created in offline mode - it will only cache changes to existing documents that have been saved offline.

Does offline mode work on all browsers and operating systems?
Offline mode is currently supported on Chrome and Firefox, and will soon be available on Safari. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS.

What happens if I clear my browser cache (or browse in an incognito/private window)?
This will clear the cached Lucidchart documents. However, once you login to your Lucidchart account again it will recache your documents.

Will this use disk space on my computer?
Yes. When Offline Mode is enabled, Lucidchart will use roughly 130MB* of disk space on your computer for your documents and for the resources it needs to run the Lucidchart editor while offline.
*This amount may vary depending on the number and size of your documents.

Why don't I see Offline (Beta) in my account settings?
First, check browser compatibility. Some browsers are not supported. If you are on a supported browser and you do not see the offline tab, you are likely on a team or enterprise account where your administrator has turned off the account's access to offline mode. Contact your account administrator about turning it back on.

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