AuditBoard Integration

Integrating Lucidchart with AuditBoard enables users to insert new and existing Lucidchart files (including those imported from Visio) and documents into their AuditBoard narrative. The following tutorial walks through the process of using the AuditBoard-Lucidchart integration to upload a Visio diagram to Lucid, insert it into a narrative, and edit the diagram within Lucidchart.

To upload Visio files and import them into Lucidchart and your AuditBoard narrative, follow these steps:
  1. Log into AuditBoard, find the appropriate narrative, and then select "Related Files" from the toolbar.

  2. Select "Browse Files" and choose your desired Visio file.

  3. Once your file is uploaded, select "Import into Lucidchart."

    In a few seconds, the Lucidchart file will appear in the Related Files section.

  4. Select “Insert Image” on the upper toolbar.

  5. Select your Lucidchart diagram from the popup window, and it will be inserted into your narrative.

To make changes to your Lucidchart diagram from the AuditBoard application, follow these steps:
  1. From within the narrative, click "Related Files" on the toolbar.

  2. Find your Lucidchart file and select “Open in Lucidchart” underneath the file name.


    Lucidchart will open this file in a new tab where you can make changes to the diagram.
  3. In order to update the Lucidchart diagram you already inserted into your narrative, click “Refresh Lucidchart images in this document.”

You can manage, view, and reverse changes within Lucidchart by clicking “Revision History” on the toolbar on the right side. Please see this article for more information.