Create a Presentation

Presentation mode is a helpful tool that allows you to display your charts in smaller, piece-by-piece slides that flow throughout your diagram. This helpful tool can break down your diagrams for your viewers.

Presentation mode is a premium feature offered on Professional, Team, and Enterprise accounts. To upgrade your account, check out our pricing page or contact our sales team.

Create a Presentation

  1. Open a document that you wish to display in presentation mode.
  2. Click the "Present" icon Screen_Shot_2019-02-12_at_11.33.03_AM.png on the right toolbar to open the presentation mode settings.
  3. Click the gear icon Screen_Shot_2019-02-12_at_3.43.47_PM.png to set the aspect ratio and the duration you would like your slides to show for.
  4. Select one or more objects in your document and click +Slide Screen_Shot_2019-02-12_at_3.43.54_PM.png to create your first slide.
  5. Resize the orange slide box by dragging the corners. Move your slide by dragging the top-left corner of the box. Screen_Shot_2019-02-12_at_11.33.56_AM.png
  6. Repeat this process for each slide you want to create.
  7. Click the "Present" button on the bottom-right side of your screen to present the slides you made. You can toggle between slides using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Otherwise, the slides will change at the intervals you set earlier. 

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