Lucidchart Trusted Tester Program

We are constantly looking for faithful Lucidchart users who are interested in our most recent releases to test Lucidchart features. As a Trusted Tester, you will have the opportunity to discuss potential features with our Product Managers. Help people get the most out of Lucidchart. Become a Trusted Tester today!

Lucidchart Trusted Testers act as partners teams to test new products and features as part of private, early-stage testing programs. Trusted Testers play an integral role in setting product strategy by offering specific, user-driven feedback to our Product and Development teams.

As a Trusted Tester, you will help shape what Lucidchart becomes through testing and strategic feedback to our Product and Development teams. You will work closely with our teams throughout early-stage testing programs to offer feedback on feature strategy.

Trusted Testers will have the opportunity to join a community of people who love to share knowledge and learn about Lucid products through private Trusted Tester hangouts, meetups, and beta testing programs. Additionally, Trusted Testers will have direct access to the Lucidchart Product Team for help with questions or feedback. Most importantly, Trusted Testers will receive Lucid swag and will have the opportunity to work directly with our team on product strategy.

Lucidchart needs passionate Trusted Testers to offer feedback and insight that will shape our product roadmap. Fill out this form to indicate your interest in the Trusted Tester Program.

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