Integrate Lucidchart with Hipchat

Lucidchart integrates with HipChat to make collaboration with Lucidchart accessible directly from HipChat’s messaging platform.

****NOTE: Atlassian has deprecated HipChat, so we will no longer continue to support this integration. Please see our integrations page for resources about our supported integrations.

For full functionality, Lucidchart must be installed globally when prompted and linked to a Team or Enterprise Lucidchart account. All free and paid users within that team will have full access to the integration. Feel free to contact our sales team for more pricing information.

Global installations allow users to create Lucidchart diagrams in any room and also allow users to post any diagram back to HipChat from Lucidchart’s Share dialog. Installations to specific HipChat room(s) allow creation of diagrams from HipChat within those rooms but do not allow users to post diagrams from Lucidchart to HipChat directly.

Integrate Lucidchart with Hipchat
  1. Get the Lucidchart Add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace.

    See Hipchat for Lucidchart in the Atlassian Marketplace
  2. Install to "Global (all rooms)."

    Install Hip Chat Global (all rooms)
  3. Install the integration by granting permission.

  4. Grant permission to install the integration.

    Grant Hipchat Permssion to integrate with Lucidchart
  5. Link the integration to your Lucidchart team account.

    Link you Hipchat integration with Lucidchart

Note that a Team or Enterprise account is required for full functionality (ability to share back to HipChat, centralized admin/storage of diagrams, etc.)

There are two ways to quickly create a Lucidchart diagram that can be edited simultaneously by anyone in a HipChat room. This functionality is perfect for remote whiteboarding and digital brainstorming.

Option 1: Type /lucidchart in any HipChat room, and Lucidchart will post a link in that room to a new diagram that anyone on your team can edit.

Option 2: Click "+" and "Create Lucidchart Diagram."

  • From the editor, collaborators can click “Post to HipChat” in the top left corner of the editor to post an image of the diagram back to the room.

Create a Lucidchart diagram within Hipchat

Users can share their diagrams to HipChat rooms from Lucidchart's Share dialogue.

Note: This functionality exists for Lucidchart Team and Enterprise accounts in which the HipChat add-on has been installed globally.

  1. Click “Share” in the top right corner of the editor.

    Use Lucidchart to share
  2. Type “HipChat,” and a list of available HipChat rooms will display. Select the room you would like to share your diagram with.

    Share Lucidchart diagrams within Hipchat

Glance allows users to easily see all the Lucidchart diagrams that have ever been created in or shared to a HipChat room without scrolling through the entire chat history or going to search. Diagrams can also be pinned to the top for easy reference. Doing so is particularly valuable for diagrams frequently referenced, such as support escalation processes, architecture diagram, project plans, etc.

Note: If you installed Lucidchart before March 7, 2016, you will need to remove and re-install Lucidchart in your HipChat instance.

To access previously posted diagrams

  1. Locate the Glance bar on the upper right side of the HipChat page. You will be able to see how many diagrams have been shared to the room.

    Diagram List in Hipchat
  2. Click "Diagrams" to see a list of diagrams created. You can click on any document to open it in Lucidchart.
  3. Pin a diagram to the top of the list by toggling the "Star" icon.

    Pin your diagram in Hipchat