Auto-Upgrade Account Feature

The auto-upgrade feature allows your team to grow as the number of team members using the product increases. Only Billing Admins and Account Owners have control over this function. With auto-upgrade turned off, you will be required to manually choose each new level as your team grows in size. Without choosing a new level, new team members won’t be able to use Lucidchart. Enabling auto-upgrade allows your team to grow as new members join and become licensed.

This setting can be changed by clicking Team > Licensing.

Auto-upgrade check box

When your team reaches the maximum amount of allocated licenses for your current team size, Lucidchart will automatically upgrade the account to the next team level. For example, if you are currently on a Team 3, your team will upgrade to a Team 5. If you are currently on a Team 5, your team will upgrade to a Team 10. After that, each additional upgrade will add ten licenses to the team.  Changes may take up to 30 minutes to be displayed on your account after auto-upgrading.  

To upgrade your account manually, visit our pricing page. Feel free to contact our sales team if you have questions.

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