Integrate Lucidchart with Slack

Stay on top of your documents and streamline collaboration with Lucidchart’s Slack integration. 

Use this integration to get notifications about Lucidchart documents, manage Lucidchart document permissions in Slack, use Slack shortcuts to start new Lucidchart diagrams, and access and preview your documents in Slack.

The Slack integration is a premium feature offered on Team and Enterprise accounts. To upgrade your account, check out our pricing page or contact our sales team

Please note: This app is not yet optimized for Enterprise Grid. Your Lucidchart account can only connect to one workspace, but the integration will work as expected in whatever workspace you choose to connect to in Grid.

  1. Navigate to the admin panel by clicking the Team tab on the left toolbar of your account.
  2. Select the app integration tile.
  3. Select the Slack tile. If you have already integrated and are looking to update, please select the blue update banner and then proceed to step 7. If you haven’t integrated yet, proceed with step 4.
  4. Click Add to Slack
  5. You’ll automatically be taken to Slack’s website so that you can activate the integration for Slack. Simply click Add to Slack again for the Lucidchart app.
  6. Log in or create a new Lucidchart account. 
  7. Grant Slack access to your Lucidchart account. 
  8. Grant Lucidchart permission to access Slack's list of names, channels, and the ability to send a message upon autocomplete (standard permissions).
  9. Accept the installation.
  1. Log in to your team or enterprise Lucidchart account, and log into the Slack account you would like to connect to.
  2. In Lucidchart, click on your avatar icon (top right corner of the workspace) and select Account Settings, then select the Integrations tab.
  3. On your account integrations page, find Slack in your list of integrations and select “Add to Slack” if you’re installing for the first time, or “Connect” to update the integration.

  4. Click “Allow” to grant permissions to your Lucidchart account.
  5. You’ll be redirected to Slack where the Lucidchart app will be opened:
Get Slack notifications: Once you’ve installed or updated your Slack integration, you’ll automatically receive Slack notifications about new comments, shares, and Lucidchart document requests.

Manage document permissions in Slack: Save time by managing document permissions directly in Slack, rather than opening Lucidchart. 

  1. Paste a Lucidchart document link in Slack
  2. Send your message.
  3. Select the right level of access (view, comment, or edit access).

Use Slack Shortcuts: to create a new Lucidchart document from Slack you can:

  1. Type /lucidchart into your message box
  2. Press Enter to send
  3. Open your Lucidchart document.


Share to Slack from Lucidchart: Share your diagrams with public Slack channels or individual Slack users from Lucidchart's Share dialog

  1. In the Lucidchart workspace, click the orange “Share” button
  2. Start typing the name of an individual or Slack channel in the “People” field:
  3. Select the names of individuals or channels you would like to share your document with, then click “Send”.

Access and preview Lucidchart documents in Slack: When you or a coworker shares a Lucidchart document link, you’ll get a thumbnail preview of the document, and the link will be converted into a document that you can search for and access in Slack. 

  • Perform actions in your workspace: Required to make the /lucidchart command work in your Team's Slack instance.
  • Perform actions in channels and conversations, and Perform actions as you: Required to allow the "Post to Slack" button, which sends an image of the diagram back to the Slack conversation.
  • Perform actions in and view content and info about channels and conversations: Required to pull the names of the public channels, and share diagrams directly into public Slack channels from Lucidchart's Share dialog.
  • View content and info about your workspace: Required to pull the names of the users on the team, so we can autocomplete. If we do not autocomplete, the app cannot send a message.
When sharing from Lucidchart, can I share with private channels?
No, only public channels are searchable when sharing from Lucidchart.

What do I do when I receive a server error when trying to install the integration?
If you are receiving a server error when you try to install, please try the installation again with a Chrome incognito window to make sure there is no browser interference. If the issue persists, please reach out to and provide your Slack team ID. You can locate this by going to the Slack web app and looking at the URL, which should look like "' The first alphanumeric sequence after "client" that starts with a "T" is your team ID. 

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