Share files and folders

Lucidchart makes delivery easy with real-time collaboration and folder sharing. 

There are 3 places in the editor for issuing document invitations: The comments bar (accessed from the yellow button on the top right corner), the Share tab in the menu bar, and the blue “Share” button to the right.

Sharing from the comments bar lets you post comments and grant permission simultaneously.

  1. Simply click and @mention any name on your team, then press “Enter.”
  2. We’ll check to see if mentioned users have access to your document, and let you choose a permission level for those who don’t.
  1. Click the blue Share button in the right corner, or click "Invite Collaborators" under the Share tab in the Menu Bar. Both will open the same window.
  2. Select “Access Link” to create a one-time or multi-use link to an invitation, or select "People/Slack/Hipchat" to enter the email address of each collaborator, separated by a comma; if on a team account, team members and pre-defined groups will auto-fill inside the email field.
  3. Select from “Can view,” “Can comment,” “Can edit,” or “Can edit and share,” permissions. 
  4. Click “Share” and your collaborators will show up under the “Collaborators” section. Recipients will need to log into their Lucidchart account, or register for one, in order to accept the invitation. The accepted document will appear in their Documents area.

  1. Navigate to the Documents Page.
  2. Select a file you would like to share.
  3. Click the 'Share' button.
  4. Use the same steps as before to send invitations to your collaborators.

Note: By default, documents or folders that you create are private. You must actively share them with your team or other collaborators via a shared folder or via separate sharing permissions.


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