Managing Collaborators

Collaboration is one of the core benefits of Lucidchart. See below to learn how to invite collaborators and set permissions for document collaborators.

Invite Collaborators and Set Permissions

  1. Click "Share" from the Menu bar and select "Invite Collaborator(s)" or click the "Share" button in the top right corner.
  2. A menu will appear. To share through email, simply enter the email address(es) of intended collaborators. Team accounts have a drop down menu with all the team members and groups listed. Depending on your account level, you may be limited to the number of collaborators.
  3. Assign your collaborators a permission level. Owners are equal to you and have the same ability to share and determine permission for other users. An editor can modify the document but not invite others. A viewer can simply view the document and interact with any demos, and a commenter can view the document and leave comments.
  4. Once collaborators and permissions have been determined, click "Share".

  5. Or you can generate a one-time or multi-use link that can be quickly messaged or emailed on by selecting "Access Link". Once you click "Generate Link", you can copy and paste it where you would like.