Sharing folders (or multiple documents)



If you are sharing multiple documents with the same collaborator(s) or team member(s), folder sharing reduces the time and invitations required.

  1. On the Documents list, select a folder and click the + sharing button.
  2. Enter in the team name, group name, or an email address for the collaborator and select the permission level. This person will receive an invitation to the folder and all documents contained therein.
  3. To share another document with that collaborator, drag it into the shared folder. There are no additional invitations required -- as soon as it is in the shared folder, the collaborator will have access to it.

Transferring files between accounts

Often you have a personal account and then your company subscribes to a Team account. If you want to keep your personal account but move your files to your another account, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to account with files to be transferred.
  2. Create a new folder and label it "Transfer files" or something to your liking.
  3. Drag all files you want to share into that folder.
  4. With the folder selected, click the '+' button in the bottom right corner of the screen and share the file with your other account.
  5. Be sure you make yourself an OWNER of the folder when sharing.
  6. Log out of your original account and login to your destination account.
  7. You should receive an email that a file/folder has been shared with you, click the link to accept and the file should now be shared in your documents area.


For more information, view our Sharing files and folders tutorial.

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