Team Management

Lucidchart's team accounts make it easy to collaborate with your colleagues. See below to learn how to create and manage your team.

Team Management Lucidchart

  1. Visit our pricing page to purchase a Team or Enterprise account. You can also contact our sales team directly.

  2. Once you’ve started a Team or Enterprise trial or subscription, visit the Team page in your account and click “Create Team.” After creating your team, you will see the Team Admin Dashboard.

    Team Management Lucidchart

To add users:

    1. Click on the “Users” tile.
Add Users Lucidchart
  1. Select a method to add users. You can add users manually, by domain, or via CSV upload.

    Add Users Manually Lucidchart
  2. Click “Add to Team.” If the user already has a Lucidchart account, he or she will receive an automated email invitation to join your team.
After adding users to your team, you can organize users into groups. To create user groups, follow these steps:
  1. Click the edit pencil next to your team name and select “Create Group."

    User Actions Lucidchart
  2. After creating a group, select a minimum of one user and click the gray “Actions” button above the center user list. Select “Edit Group” and click the + or X button to manage the users in a listed group.

    User Actions Lcuidchart

After adding a user to a group, check out any of the other options in the Actions menu. You can edit user profiles, assign licenses, and assign roles. You can also add or remove users from existing groups from this same menu.