Accessing the Team Admin Dashboard

To access the Admin Console, you'll need to be the Account Owner or a designated Team Admin of a Team or Enterprise account. Read this tutorial to learn how to create a team and promote a user to an Administrative role.

 Create a Team

  1. If you have not started a team yet, visit our Pricing Page and start a Team trial, or visit your Subscription Level page, and select a team size for purchase.


  2. Once you've started a Team trial or subscription, visit the Team page in your account and click "Create Team." After clicking, you'll see the Admin Dashboard.


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Add Team Members

To add people to your team, you'll need to send emailed invitations, generate an invitation link they can click, or create the user accounts yourself. You can create accounts one by one, or upload them in batches. To start:

  1. Click the "Users" tile from the Admin Dashboard and take a quick look at the screen. Here is a quick summary of what you see:


    - Licenses used and available for both Lucid products at the bottom left
    - Your Team Name and an edit pencil in the left sidebar (more on that later)
    - Standard filters at the top left for the Product & User view in the center
    - A search field, gray Action button, red Pending Requests button, and gray (+ Users) button above name, email, and role fields in the center view
    - A right sidebar for displaying user information and relevant actions when a user is selected from the list

  2. Click thePlus_Users.JPGbutton on the top right, and you'll be taken to the "Add Users Manually" page. Enter a First Name and email address, and click the blue "Add to Team" button at the bottom left.

    If the user already has an account, we'll send an invitation to join your team to their email address. Otherwise, the user will be created immediately.

    The well at the bottom of the page shows you whether or not this user will be licensed, per your preferred license allocation settings. To change these for Lucidchart or Lucidpress, just click the light blue "Change Settings" hyperlink.


    After clicking "Add to Team," you'll see the result of your manual addition to the team. We always create a Lucidpress account with your Lucidchart account, but we don't activate the 2nd account until the user attempts to log in to that product. (Ex. notice that only the Lucidchart account is licensed).


  3. If you have more people than you want to manually add, click on "CSV Upload" in the top left corner underneath the blue breadcrumb bar, and upload a CSV of user information. Most spreadsheet tools, such as Microsoft Excel,, and iWork, can save spreadsheets in CSV format. We'll show you an errors in the CSV before you try to upload it, but it's best to take a look at our format guide:


    Notes: If a password is not provided, a temporary password will be sent to the email address. If the user already has an account, an invitation to join your team will be emailed to them.

  4. If your business or educational organization uses Google Apps, you might also consider installing the Lucidchart or Lucidpress apps on your parent domain.


    This enables our tool in the Apps Launcher. Users can easily sign in from their Google Apps domain by clicking 'More’ and then 'Lucidchart'. This action creates a Lucidchart account that's linked to your Google email address, which you can always use to sign in.

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 Assign Roles

Use the gray Actions.JPGbutton to edit the user profile, and assign an Administrative role to a user.


See below for a quick summary of each option:

  • Edit User Information: Prompts a window to change the name, username, email, and password of a user connected to the team.

  • Promote Team Admin: Allows a user to manage the team like an admin, but does not allow payment handling or viewing of payment history. Please contact us if you'd like to change the admin for payment reasons.

  • Promote Billing Admin: Allows a user to update the billing information on the account, manage the subscription, and download invoices via Payment History. However, this user does not have permission to manage team members.

Now your designated users can see the Admin Dashboard. Check out our other tutorials to learn how to use the pages. Happy charting!