Password Protect Published Documents

Adding a password to your published documents is a useful way to enhance security. Others trying to access a password protected document will not only need the specific URL, but the password as well. This feature is only available for Team and Enterprise Accounts. To upgrade, visit our pricing page or reach out to our sales team.

To publish a document with a password, use the following steps:

  1. From the File menu, select “Share” and then “Advanced.”

    Simple Sharing Dialog Box
  2. Under the “Publish” tab, select “Full document (URL).”

    Publish Tab
  3. Select “Require Password, then enter desired password.

    Require Password
  4. Press the blue “Generate Link” button.
  5. Press the blue hyperlink button to the left of “Full document (URL)” to copy the link for future use.

Users who navigate to the generated URL will be required to enter the password you set before viewing the document.

enter password to view