Access more shapes

Need more shapes than what you currently see in your Editor? Follow these quick steps to access more shapes.

  1. Simple press "M" on your key-board, OR Click "More Shapes" at the bottom of the toolbox, OR select "Shape Libraries" under 'Window' in the menu bar.

  2. Look through the libraries, check the boxes by libraries you want to open, and press 'Save'. To filter out specific shapes from a library, click a drop down arrow, and select only the boxes next to the group of shapes you would like to have appear in the toolbox.

    Note: Certain shape libraries are unavailable to free accounts. Limited-access shape libraries include mind maps, UI mockups, and wireframes.


If you're used to using Visio and want to use the shapes you are familiar with...

You can import Visio stencils and SVG files! Visio Stencil import is only available to Pro and Team accounts, but you can use any Stencils you imported while on your trial. To import, simply click the Visio stencil or SVG option at the top of the Shape Manager window, attach the files, and click "import." These shapes will then appear in the "Custom" section of your shape libraries list.



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