Create and Manage Shape Libraries

Lucidchart makes it easy for you to create diagrams by providing a variety of pre-made shape libraries as well as the ability to create your own custom shape libraries. You can access all pre-made and custom shape libraries from any document through the Shape Manager, and you can customize each document's toolbox to display the shapes that you want to use in that document.

Please note that some shape libraries, including mind maps, UI mockups, and wireframes, are only available to Pro, Team, and Enterprise accounts. To upgrade your account, check out our pricing page or contact our sales team.


How can I access my shape libraries?
You can access your shape libraries in the Shape Manager, which you can open by pressing "M" on your keyboard or clicking "Shapes" on the top left side of your toolbox.

Why do different shapes show up in different documents?
A few basic shape libraries are automatically enabled in every document. Additionally, documents created from templates will also contain any shape libraries with shapes that the template contains; for instance, the Entity Relationship shape library will automatically display in a document created from an ERD template.

How can I add more shape libraries to my document?
You can add shape libraries to your document with by checking the boxes next to their names in the Shape Manager. Click the triangle next to a library's name to expand a list of its sub-libraries.


Where can I find a shape library that a teammate has shared with me?
To access shared team libraries, open the Shape Manager and click the triangle next to "Shared With Me" in the top left corner. A list of all shared team libraries will expand.
Create a Custom Shape Library
To create a new custom shape library, open the Shape Manager and click the + next to "My Libraries." Give your library a name by clicking "New Library" at the top and typing over the highlighted text. Check the box next to the library's name in the library list to add it to your document.

Add Shapes to Your Custom Library
Once you have created a custom shape library and added it to your document, you can easily add custom shapes to it by dragging them from the canvas and dropping them in the library or by right-clicking on the shape, selecting Add to Custom Shape Library, and selecting the library's name. 

Manage Your Libraries
To view a list of all shape libraries that you have created, click the triangle next to "My Libraries' in the top left of the Shape Manager. Click a library's name to view its contents and manage it. From this view, you can do the following:
  • Rename your library by clicking on its name at the top of the viewer and type a new name in its place.
  • Delete your library by clicking the trash can in the top right of the viewer.
  • Share your library with teammates by toggling the "Share" switch at the top right of the viewer.

You can bring your own shapes into Lucidchart by importing SVGs and Visio stencil files (.vss, .vssx, and .vsx) to custom shape libraries.

Note: SVG and Visio stencil import are premium features offered to Professional, Team, and Enterprise accounts. To upgrade your account, check out our pricing page or feel free to contact our sales team.

To import an SVG or Visio stencil file, follow these steps:
  1. Open the shape manager by clicking the "Shapes" button in the top left corner of the shapes panel or by pressing "M" on your keyboard.
  2. Select "Add to Existing Library" or "Add to New Library" to determine where your imported file will be saved. If you select "Add to New Library" be sure to specify a name for the library on the import page.
  3. Click “Choose File” and select the SVG or Visio stencil file(s) you wish to upload from your computer.
  4. Click “Upload” and wait for the file to import. Please note that files larger than 1 MB can take longer than one minute. To add your new library to your document's shape panel, click the checkbox next to the library's name. Your new shape library will be available in the Shapes Panel. To see the icons image and text in the Shapes Panel click "View" menu button > "Shapes Panel" > and select "Icons and Text."

If you are unable to find the shape that you are looking in one of our shape libraries, you can search for it in Lucidchart, Bing, and Iconfinder. To do so, click the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the toolbox and select "Shapes," "Images," or "Icons." Enter a keyword into the search bar, click Go, and browse the results. You can drag anything you like from the results list directly to your canvas.