Download as a PDF or image

Quickly download your diagram to your computer either as a PDF, for ease in printing, or as a high-resolution image.

Download as PDF

  1. Click "File" from the Menu bar and select "Download As…" (or press Ctrl/Cmd + D from the editor).

  2. A menu will appear where you can select PDF.

  3. Next, choose whether to include the entire document, the current page, or the document with separate states (this will create a PDF of each of the sheets in the document, as well as a separate page for each of the states in the document).

  4. Press "Download" and the PDF will begin downloading.

Download as image

  1. Click "File" from the Menu bar and select "Download As…"

  2. A menu will appear where you can select which image type you want to download (PNG or JPEG). You also have the added option to download as a PNG with a transparent background.

  3. Next, select whether to download the entire page, part of a current page, or want to have it automatically crop the current page to the content. An additional menu will allow you to select the quality for your image.

  4. Press "Download" and the image will begin downloading. If you selected to print a part of the page, you will be prompted to drag and highlight which part of the page. You can then insert these image files into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

  1jpg.jpg   2jpg.jpg

Export to Google Drive

  1. Click "File" from the Menu bar and select "Export to Google Drive"

  2. From there, you can choose to export as PDF, PNG, JPEG, or VDX to your linked Google Drive account.

Before exporting your document, please make sure that any image files, particularly transparent PNGs, in the document are saved as an 8 bit file. Lucidchart does not support files saved as 24 bit.


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