Publish your document

The publish feature makes it easy to share documents with anyone on the web. You can publish your diagram to a unique Lucidchart web page, publish it to a permanent PDF link, or share it in our Community for others to view and comment on.


Publish a Document

  1. Click "Share" from the Menu bar, then select "Publish" and a menu will appear. 
  2. Click the "Share" button in the top right corner and a menu will appear.
  3. Select your publishing option(s).
  4. Click on a link icon to show the URL you can copy and paste from.
  5. If you want to publish a selection of a page, click "Publish Selection" and you will then click and drag around the area you want published. Then click the "Share" button again to view the link.

Note: If you want to embed the image in a website, blog, or wiki, use the Web Page option and then use a normal HTML img src tag. 

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