Getting Started Guide

If you see the Mega Menu icon in the top left corner, check out this article.

Getting Started

Lucidchart is an online diagramming tool for making your thoughts visible. Users can start editing a new document from one of our handy templates, or create custom diagrams from scratch. Lucidchart lets you share to any user on any operating system, edit together, and sync everything instantly.

This help article is a high-level overview on how to create a diagram, draw objects and lines, format a line or arrow, and insert images. For details, see featured articles on the side.

Create a diagram

To create a diagram, click the orange [+ Document] button or the arrow next to it, and create a new document from one of our standard templates.


On the left is the shape toolbox. Drag out shapes and lines, and you’ll have started your first diagram. If you don’t want to use the shapes that are automatically on, just click the “More shapes” button at the bottom left, and choose a different library.

Draw objects and lines

Dragging and dropping is the most intuitive way to pull things onto the page. To draw objects, just click, hold, and drag an object in an open library, and place it on the white page.

To draw lines, click on a red dot floating outside a shape, and click+drag to make a line. To move or resize the line, select the line, then click+drag one of the white boxes at the end.

Format a line or arrow

Lines can be draw individually, or as connections between shapes. To customize a line, just select the line, then click on the style options above the page. You can turn on or off the arrow endings by choosing “none,” or selecting a different line style.

Insert Images

To add images, click Window > Images on the menu bar, and click “Upload.” Select the file you want, wait for us to generate the thumbnail, and click the image to add it to the page.