Getting Started Guide

Lucidchart is an online diagramming tool used to visualize processes, models, and other diagrams. Users can create a new document from one of our helpful templates, or create custom diagrams from scratch. Lucidchart lets you share diagrams with any user on any operating system, edit together, and sync everything instantly.

This help article offers a high-level overview on how to create a diagram, draw objects and lines, format a line or arrow, and insert images. For more detailed articles on specific topics, check out our Knowledge Base and Community.

To create a new diagram, click the "+ Document" button and select a template for your diagram.

To draw an object, select a shape from the shape toolbox and drag it onto the page. To draw a line, click on the line connection point floating outside of the shape and drag the line to another shape.

To format a line, select the line and choose a line formatting option from the line style menu in the top menu bar. You can format the line type, style, and arrow style.

To insert an image into your diagram, open the "Window" menu and select image. Upload the image into the image manager and select it to insert it into your document.