iOS 10 Lucidchart App Quickview

Sign up for Free, or login as usual. Just leave the password field blank to use Single Sign On.

Homepage and Sign In Combined

After signing in, you see the home screen for iOS 10.

First Documents View


  • The Profile button on the top left

    Profile Button
  • The Folder Navigation bar (or drop down if using an iPhone). Note: Tap a folder tab to see its contents, or search all folders...

    Folder Nav tab
  • The Selection button

    Selection Button
  • Cleaned up thumbnails and titles
  • On a Free account, the document limit counter along the bottom left
  • The Create button in the bottom right corner

    Create Button

Press "Create from Template" to choose a document from the template chooser, or press "Create Blank Flowchart" to create a blank document.

Template Chooser

After creating, you're in the Editor. Click on each of the highlighted buttons to pull up the contextual options.

Document in Editor

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