Jira Software Integrations

Jira Software integrates with Lucidchart to make inserting diagrams directly from Lucidchart to Jira quick and easy.

Integrating with Jira Software is only available to Team and Enterprise accounts. To upgrade your account, check out our pricing page or contact our sales team.

To install the Lucidchart app for Jira Cloud, log in to your Jira Software instance and click Apps > Find New Apps. Search the Atlassian Marketplace for Lucidchart for Jira Software and click Install > Accept & Install.

Alternatively, you can install the app through the Atlassian Marketplace Lucidchart App listing.


After installing the app, you will need to configure it. You can do so by clicking "Configure" in the confirmation dialog that appears directly after installation, or by going to Manage Apps > Configure. Follow the prompts to link your Jira account to your Lucidchart team account.

To install the Lucidchart app for Jira Server, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to Jira as an admin, then click the gear icon in the top right corner and select "Add-ons" from the dropdown.
  2. Click "Find New Add-ons" and search Lucidchart in the Atlassian Marketplace.

  3. Select the Install button, then close out the confirmation dialog when the installation is complete.

  4. Once uploaded, either select "Manage" from the page you are on or navigate to the Manage Add-ons tab, click "Lucidchart Plugin," and select "Configure" to go through the steps of connecting to your Lucidchart account.

Insert a Diagram
To insert a diagram into a Jira issue, navigate to the issue and click on the Lucidchart icon.


You Lucidchart document list will pop up. You can insert an existing diagram, create a new diagram, or import a Visio, Gliffy, or Omnigraffle file. Hover over a diagram thumbnail and click "Select" to add it as an attachment to your issue.


Edit a Diagram
To edit an inserted diagram, hover over it and click the pencil icon that appears.


Note that you will only be able to edit diagrams that if you have been granted editing permissions. Make your edits in Lucidchart and then click "Return to Jira." The attached diagram will update automatically.

Delete a Diagram
To delete a diagram attachment, hover over the diagram and click the trash icon. Note: This will not delete the diagram from Lucidchart website.

If you attach a diagram to Jira and somebody else edits it on Lucidchart's website directly, the attached version will not update automatically. You will have to manually click the "refresh" icon to update the attachment to the latest version from Lucidchart.
Insert a Diagram
To insert a diagram into an issue in Jira Server, select "Insert Lucidchart Diagram" from the "More" dropdown menu at the top of your issue.


Your Lucidchart Documents page will open. Hover over the diagram you would like to add, and click "Select" to insert in on your Jira issue. You can also click on a diagram to edit it in the Lucidchart editor before adding it to Jira.

Edit a Diagram
Any Lucidchart diagrams attached to a Jira issue will appear on the right side. To edit an attached diagram, click "Edit." The diagram will open in the Lucidchart editor. When you are finished editing your document in the Lucidchart editor, click the "Return to Jira" button in the upper right corner to return to Jira Software. Your diagram will be automatically added or updated.


Remove a Diagram
To delete a diagram attachment, click "Remove" below the thumbnail. Note that this will not delete the diagram from Lucidchart website.
To convert your Draw.io diagrams to Lucidchart diagrams in Jira Server, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the page that contains the diagrams you would like to convert. Open the file in Draw.io and download as a XML file.
  2. At the top of the Jira issue, click More > Insert Lucidchart Diagram.
  3. In the Lucidchart Documents Page that opens, click Import > Import Draw.io. The diagram will appear in your Documents view.
  4. Hover over the diagram thumbnail and click "Select" to insert it into your Jira issue.
If your Lucidchart attachments are not showing up on a Jira issue and you see this error message, please inform your admin, as this issue is related to the configuration of fields in your team account. Admins, you can resolve this issue by marking the attachments field as visible within your field configuration.