Jive Integration

How to integrate Lucidchart with Jive:

1. To integrate Lucidchart with Jive, Jive Admins should install the Lucidchart add-on on the instance. Open the menu and go to the Add-Ons page. Choose Lucidchart from the list of available add-ons, and click Install.

Jive Add-ons

2. You will be asked to grant access to your Team Account on Lucidchart. Make sure you're an admin on the Lucidchart account! Then, type in your email address and password or use one of the Single-Sign On options to connect your Lucidchart account. 

How to insert a Lucidchart diagram into Jive:

Once installed, any Jive user on the instance can see Lucidchart diagrams inserted onto Jive pages. Any user on your Lucidchart team will also be able to connect their account to add Lucidchart diagrams to Jive pages. 

1. To add a Lucidchart diagram, create a new Jive document or open an existing one.

Create Jive Document

2. Type "!" in a Jive page to bring up the Bang Apps menu or "!Lucidchart" to quickly access the Lucidchart App. Log into your Lucidchart account, then choose a diagram or create one. Your selection will be inserted into the Jive page.

Create a New Document in Jive

3. Save the page. Once you're done and viewing the Jive page, you can click on the image to load it in the viewer.


See our Getting Started Guide for a high-level tour of the Lucidchart Document's List and Document Editor.