Microsoft Azure Diagrams

This article will teach you how to create a Microsoft Azure diagram by importing from a Visio file or starting from scratch in Lucidchart.

Azure shapes are only available to Professional, Team, and Enterprise Accounts. To upgrade, please visit our pricing page or feel free to contact our sales team.

Azure Diagram

  • From the Documents Page, click "Import" on the top left of the page and then "Visio". Here, you'll be able to browse for and attach the Visio files that you would like to import into Lucidchart. Once those files are imported, they will appear in your Documents List, and you will be able to continue editing them.
  • From a document itself, click File > Import to import a Visio file.
  • To export your document, go to File > Download As. Choose your preferred file type, and download!
  • For more details, please visit our Import/export Visio files tutorial.
  • From your document's Editor, click the "More Shapes" on the bottom left or use the hotkey "M", which will open up your Shape Manager. Search for "Azure" and make sure that the shape library is turned on before clicking through to save.
  • When the shape library is activated, you will see the shapes on the left toolbox, ready for you to drag and drop onto the canvas.
  • For more information, please go to our Access More Shapes tutorial.
  • After you've opened your Azure shape library, you'll see the shapes populated on the left toolbox within your document's Editor.
  • From the left toolbox, you can drag and drop the icons you need onto the canvas. Each icon has a name when you hover over it to help you decide on which to use. You can also use the "search" option on the top of the toolbox to type in the name of a shape you're looking for.

Pro Tip: If you're looking for buckets to place your icons into on the canvas, try the "Containers" library. This keeps your Azure diagram organized and easy to read.

  • To connect your shapes, hover over the edge of one of the icons and use the crosshairs (+) to drag out a line and connect it to another part of your diagram. Check out our Draw Objects and Lines tutorial for more info.
  • Use the "Standard" library to add plain text boxes to your document as labels and accompanying explanations.
  • To add interactivity, use links, hotspots, and layers. Using these options, you can jump from page to page, bring viewers to a website with specifications, or show and hide certain portions of your diagram.

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