OmniGraffle Import and Troubleshooting

Our beta OmniGraffle feature allows you to not only import your files, but also to further edit them.

  1. From the Lucidchart documents page, select "Import."
  2. Click "Import OmniGraffle (Beta)."
  3. Select "Choose Files" and select the OmniGraffle files to be imported.
  4. Successfully imported photos will automatically appear in your Documents list.

    Omnigraffle Import Dialog
  1. Select File > Import Diagram > OmniGraffle.
  2. Select "Choose Files" and select the OmniGraffle files to be imported.
  3. Imported files will be saved to the Documents page and will not be found in the current document.

    File Import Digram

The most common problem with importing OmniGraffle documents occurs when the document is saved as a package as opposed to a flat file. There are three ways to solve this problem: (1) exporting the document from within OmniGraffle, (2) changing the default save type, or (3) by compressing an already saved OmniGraffle document.

Exporting the document:

  • Go through the steps you would normally use to export the file (File > Export) and make sure that you select "Flat file" on the export window.

Changing the default save type:

  • From within the OmniGraffle editor, change the default save from either “Package” or “Automatic” to “Flat file.” Files that would usually be saved as Package will instead be compressed, allowing them to be imported to Lucidchart.

Compress an already saved document:

  • Locate the saved OmniGraffle document in your computer files, right click and select “Compress {file}.” You should now be able to import the file into Lucidchart.

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