Create Custom Shapes

If you can’t find the shape you want, you can import a Visio stencil, an SVG file, a PNG image, a JPEG image, or you can create a custom shape in Lucidchart. Read on to learn how!

Shape Manager Lucidchart

To create a custom shape library:

  1. Open the Shape Library Manager by clicking “+ Shapes” in the Toolbox or by pressing the “M” key.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of Shape Libraries. In the field that says “Create custom library,” type the name of your custom library then click “+.”
  3. Add shapes to your custom library by dragging and dropping them from the canvas, or add a custom shape by following the steps below.

To create a custom shape:

  1. Modify a standard shape. For example, change the size or color, add an image, or combine multiple shapes to create something new.
  2. If you’re combining multiple shapes, select all of the individual shapes, right-click, and select “Group.”
  3. Right-click again and select “Add to Custom Shape Library.”
  4. Choose an existing shape library where the shape will reside then click “OK.”
  5. Name your shape and click “OK.”
  6. Look for your new shape in the left Toolbox.


  1. Drag the Flex Polygon shape from your Shapes library.
    FlexPolygonShapeLibrary.png FlexPolygonShape.png
  2. Adjust the shape of your Flex Polygon by dragging the purple squares along the edge of the shape.

Want to link data to custom shapes? You can find instructions on how to create custom shapes containing linked data here.

To manage shapes:

  1. Click on the “+ Shapes” button in the left Toolbox.
  2. Find and select your custom library under the “Custom” category.
  3. Right-click on a shape to rename it, move it to another library, or delete it.

To share shapes:

  1. In the Shape Library Manager, click on the name of a custom shape library that you own.
  2. Switch the “Team Sharing” toggle found at the top of the Manager to “On.”

    Share Custom Shapes Lucidchart

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