Embed a diagram into a blog or website

Embedding allows you to put your Lucidchart creations directly into your webpage, where they will be available with a number of viewing options including zoom functionality, fullscreen mode, and the ability to look through the pages of a document.  Steps to embed are similar to embedding a Youtube video and can be found below.


Embed a diagram

  1. Click ‘Share’ in the top menu

  2. Select ‘Embed’ from the list of options (alternatively, simply press Ctrl+Shift+E from the editor)

  3. Check the box next to ‘Publish Link’

  4. Select a pre-set size for the diagram or create a custom size

  5. Copy and paste the generated html text directly into your website


1jpg.jpg 2jpg.jpg


Embed In Google Sites

  1. Edit the page that you want to embed the diagram on


2. Inside the editor, click the HTML button to edit the page with HTML code


3. Paste the embed code from Lucidchart into the HTML text area and click the Update button


4. While still inside the editor you will not see the embedded diagram, instead you see a 'Google Gadget' placeholder. Once you save the page, the embedded diagram will appear. 


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