Add and Upload Fonts

This tutorial covers how to turn on fonts that come standard with Lucidchart and how to upload additional fonts for use in Lucidchart.

Add fonts to the "available font" list

  1. Select an element with text by single-clicking on it.

  2. Click on the font drop-down menu on the Properties Bar above the canvas.

  3. Click "Manage fonts..." at the bottom of the menu.


  4. Toggle 'On' desired fonts.

  5. Hit ‘Save Changes’. They will now be available from the font drop-down menu.



Upload font files to font list (.ttf, .ttf, or .otf)

  1. Hit ‘Upload Font’ in the bottom left corner, and choose the font file from your computer.


  2.  Or, drag and drop one or more font files onto the font list.

  3. Click ‘Upload’.

Note: Fonts used in your diagrams are automatically shared with your collaborators.  Collaborators do not need to upload a custom font to view your files.