Comment Threads

Adding comments is a great way to collaborate with others working on the same document. Click on any of the sections below to learn more about our commenting suite! 

Adding a comment to a shape

To add a comment, click on a shape, and click the little square icon in the Options Bar above the canvas or right click and select "Add Comment" from the list. You'll see a window pop up notifying you that you are adding a comment to a shape. You can @mention a name on your team or any email address to send an email notification with an invitation to collaborate and comment on the document. Choose a permission level for the user, and click the blue "Share and Notify" button.



We'll send the user an email, Google Doc style, to notify them of the comment and invite them to contribute a response. Just click on the button in the email to go to the document and comment with your collaborators.

Starting a permanent communication thread

Unlike the Chat tool, conversations over comments are saved with the document, and persist until you close or delete the conversation. You can't attach these to a shape and can resolve, reopen, and manage people in the thread.

Just click "Add new comment," set a document permission level, and click "Share and notify." You will see the comment pop up in the thread, and can resolve or manage permission levels any time.

Click the back button to see an overview of what conversations you have active, and the controls to filter through other views.

The little "bell" icon lets you set your notification preferences for the conversation, and the GPS icon helps you identify the location of a comment that you have assigned to a shape.

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