Generate Class Diagrams on Bitbucket Cloud with Lucidchart

With Lucidchart, you can now automatically generate class diagrams from your Bitbucket repos.

Learning a new code base has often required engineers to jump between files and read thousands of lines of text. Class diagrams make this process much more efficient—they provide an overview of software design that’s simple for engineers to scan and interpret quickly. However, no one has time to create and maintain these complex diagrams.

With the Class Diagrams by Lucidchart add-on for Bitbucket Cloud, users can quickly generate UML class diagrams from a code repository. These diagrams can be updated as you update your code. You can even click on pieces of the class diagram to jump to a specific part of your repo.

Our integration currently supports the following languages:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • ObjectiveC
  • OCaml
  • Pascal
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

Follow these steps to install the Lucidchart add-on in Bitbucket:

  1. Go to your profile in Bitbucket on the bottom left.
  2. Click "Integrations."
  3. Search for the Lucidchart integration, which is called "Class Diagrams by Lucidchart."
  4. Once you install the integration, go to a repository.
  5. Click on the "Class Diagrams" option on the left side of your page.

    class diagram zero page
  6. Click “Generate class diagram.” Refresh your page, and you’ll have your UML class diagram embedded on the page.

This is what you will see after you generate a class diagram:

uploaded class diagram

Click on the pencil at the bottom left of your viewer to edit your diagram. These edits will only apply to the copy of your document, not the original document linked to your repo.

edit your diagram

To save changes that you have made in your diagram, click “Update diagram.” You can also click the button next to this delete your diagram.

update or delete your diagram

The different pieces of your class diagram will be linked to different parts of your repo in Bitbucket. If you click on one of the links, it’ll jump you over to the Bitbucket repo for the associated item.

close up of class diagram

To view your code repository, click “Source” in the menu on the left of your viewer.

code repository

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