Changes to EDU Accounts

Here at Lucidchart, we think students (and the teachers who serve them) need to be at the cutting edge when it comes to learning new ways to think critically and organize information. Lucidchart has provided millions of free educational accounts for years, and we’ll continue to do so—we’re excited to give students and teachers a unique way to incorporate technology and make learning visually easy in the classroom.

We have seen that, over time, EDU team accounts become difficult to manage because they include students who have moved on to the next stage of their studies or careers. We receive requests from former students on these accounts who’d like to access diagrams that they previously created.

Therefore, to give you and other users at your school a more consistent experience, we will be migrating all users on EDU team accounts to their own individual free education Lucidchart accounts.

What Will Happen

  • Each user will remain the owner of any diagrams that he or she owns.
  • Any documents or folders shared with the entire team will only be visible to the document owner. To maintain access to important information, ask owners to reshare their documents—it’ll only take a few seconds.
  • Each user on your team account will receive their own individual free Lucidchart account. Users will be able to log in just as they did previously. Usernames and passwords, and/or single-sign on (SSO) access, will remain the same.
  • Setting up an account will be straightforward for any students or educators who want to join Lucidchart in the future (and less work for admins). You won’t need to invite every user individually or send around a custom link—anyone who would like an account can sign themselves up for free in a few easy steps. We auto-upgrade verified educational email addresses for K-12 institutions so everyone can enjoy Pro features right away. University teachers and students can also easily request an upgrade after registering for a free (non-EDU) Lucidchart account.

What Won't Happen

  • None of your users will lose any of their personal documents or folders (and all shared documents can easily be re-shared for continued collaboration).
  • The diagramming and editing features you enjoy won’t change at all. Individual EDU accounts include all the benefits of a Lucidchart Pro account, including data linking, presentation mode, and every shape library we offer. You can still create as many documents as you’d like with as many shapes as you’d like.

If you’d still prefer one centralized account with premium admin features, learn more about EDU Premium.

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