Installing the Lucidchart Add-in for Centralized Office 365

O365 Centralized Deployment enables you to centrally manage and distribute the Lucidchart Office add-in across your entire organization or to specific users and groups. The O365 Lucidchart add-in is available for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  1. Navigate to the O365 Admin panel by selecting the "Admin" tile on the O365 home page.

  2. Navigate to the "Services & add-ins" page by selecting the "Settings" gear icon on the left pane and select "Services & add-ins."

  3. Select the "Upload Add-In" button at the top-left of the "Services & add-ins" page.

  4. Click "Next" on the "Centralized Deployment" dialogue.

  5. Select "I want to add an Add-In from the Office Store" and select "Next."

  6. Search for "Lucidchart" and select "Add" next to the add-in or add-ins that you wish to add.

  7. To adjust add-in access select "Edit" across from "Who has access?"

  8. Select "Everyone" to grant the Lucidchart add-in to all users, or "Specific Users/Groups" to grant more limited access.

  9. Click "Save" to deploy the Lucidchart add-in, and you should be all set!



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