UVexplorer Integration

UVexplorer is a simple, cost-effective solution that provides fast, accurate discovery of your network devices and the connections between them. UVexplorer also captures detailed device inventory data and automatically generates detailed network maps. Check out more info on UVexplorer here.

How to Use UVexplorer’s Integration

Once you’ve mapped out your network, you can view the diagram of connections and dependencies. If you want to further edit the diagram, make tweaks, or even save it as documentation, click “Export to Lucidchart” from the top ribbon.


You can also right-click the diagram > Open in Lucidchart.

When you open the file in Lucidchart, you can view it or log in to continue editing it. Within Lucidchart, you can collaborate in real time with others, make changes and notes, and share your document.


Note: Editing these files may require a certain account level if they contain advanced shapes. Advanced shapes are available to Professional, Team, and Enterprise accounts. To upgrade, visit our pricing page.

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