Revision History

Roll back edits or start a new document version using the revision history feature. This feature is available for professional, team, and enterprise accounts. For an update, please either visit our pricing page or contact our awesome sales team.

  1. Click the “Revision History” clock from the Right Menu.

    Revision History Dialog
  2. Select an entry. All revisions made before the stated time will be displayed on the canvas. Additionally, all menu bars will be greyed out, as you cannot make edits while in revision history.
  3. To restore your document back to this entry, click “Restore” from the grey bar that appears at the top of the canvas. To create a new document from the revision, choose the “New from revision” option. A new document will be created showing only those revisions and the current document will remain unchanged.

    Restore or Continue from Revision Banner
  4. To exit revision history in order to continue editing, click the “x” on the grey bar at the top of the editor.
Please note: A document's revision history is stored until the document is completely deleted. However, if you make a copy of a document, its revision history is not transferred to the new document. 

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