Revision History

Revision history in Lucidchart allows you to view the change history of a document, revert a document to a previous version, and create a new document from a previous version.

Revision history is only available to certain account levels. To upgrade, please see our pricing page or contact our sales team.

To access a document’s revision history panel, click the clock icon in the dock.


The document’s edit history will display as a list of stacked tiles, with each tile representing a past version of the document. Each tile will display the time of day the changes were made, the amount of time that has passed, and the initial of the user who made the changes. Note: The times will correspond with the time zone of the current document viewer.


Scroll to the bottom of the panel to see how long ago the document was created.


Click on a tile to view the corresponding document version.


Note: If your document contains multiple pages, any pages created since the displayed version will disappear.
When you are previewing a document version, a banner will display at the top of the editor with two prompts: Restore or New from revision.


Click Restore to return the document to the previewed version, removing all edits made in between that version and the doc’s current state.

Click New from revision to create a new document from the previewed version. This document will automatically open in the editor, and you are free to make changes to it without affecting the original. You can access the document at any time from the My Documents folder of your docs page. Note: The new document will only exist in your docs page. If there were collaborators on the original, you will have to re-share it with them to continue collaborating.
I accidentally restored my document to a previous version but I want to get back my most recent edits. Can I undo the restoration?
Yes! To return to the latest version of your document (prior to a restoration), simply restore your document to the most recent version in your revision history panel.

Can a collaborator restore a document to a previous version?
If a collaborator has edit access to a document, they can restore the document to a previous version, and the change will affect the document on all collaborators' accounts, including that of the document owner. To avoid any confusion, we recommend creating a document from a previous version if there are collaborators on the document.

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