Manage Email Notifications

You could be getting a variety of email notifications from Lucidchart. Continue reading to learn more about notification types and ways to adjust them.

These emails are periodically sent with helpful tips and deals on Lucid Software products. You can unsubscribe from these here.

If you have opted to get notifications of updates to your documents, you can turn them off by following the steps below.

  1. Open the document in question.
  2. Click File > Set Reminder.
  3. Unclick the box that says "Remind me every [7] days to update this document."


If you're a team administrator and you would not like to be notified of users' requests to join your team, follow the steps below: (NOTE: This applies to the individual admin, it is not a global account setting.) **This functionality is specific to Team accounts and does not apply to Enterprise accounts.

  1. Log into Lucidchart (ensure you're logging in on the team administrator account).
  2. Open the Team Page under Collaborators.
  3. Uncheck "Receive email notification about request to join team."

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