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Lucidchart for your Google Apps Domain

Brett B
posted this on May 24, 2013, 3:23 PM

Follow this tutorial to install Lucidchart on your Google Apps domain. Once installed, Lucidchart appears in the 'Apps Launcher' menu of your school or company Gmail; when clicked, it will automatically provision accounts for new users and place them on the team. Watch the video below for more details.

Service and Super Admins: Install Lucidchart for Google Apps

Note: If you want an existing Lucidchart account to be linked to Google Apps, ensure that your Lucidchart account is set up under the same email address as your domain email address. You can easily change this by visiting Account > User Settings in Lucidchart.

To install Lucidchart for Google Apps, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Apps Marketplace.


  2. Search for Lucidchart.

  3. Click ‘Install App’.

  4. Lucidchart will ask for permission to access some of your domain data. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions and press ‘Accept’.                                                                               2jpg.jpg

  5. Once Lucidchart is installed, you will see a pop up window briefly explaining how to access Lucidchart. Please click the blue "Additional app setup" link to complete the integration.

    Note: If you click "Okay, got it!," you won't complete the integration. Google just doesn't let us change or remove the text on this button.


  6. When you first go to Lucidchart from Google Apps, you will be prompted to set up your team. You can view users from your domain that already use Lucidchart and invite both existing Lucidchart users and new users from your domain to join your team.


  7. If you are a new Lucidchart user, you will default to a team 10 trial with the domain Services or Super Admin as the Lucidchart Admin. If you have already used your trial, your subscription has expired, or you are currently on another Team trial, your account will not default to a Team 10 trial.

    If you want to upgrade your trial or paid subscription, you can change your subscription level on the ‘Subscription Level’ page of your account.


  8. New users will be automatically added to the team, but by default will not automatically receive licenses (for the added shape libraries, beyond the 60 shape limit, etc). To change this default, toggle on the option under ‘Manage Google Apps’ under the team page.



Updated 3.9.2015

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Updating for new permissions

If you see the following pink banner on your "Manage Google Apps" page...


Do the following to update your Google Apps permission for Lucidchart:

  1. Visit your Google Apps admin console (admin.google.com)


  2. Click on "Apps" > "Marketplace Apps."


  3. Select Lucidchart Diagrams.

  4. Click "Data access" and make sure data access is granted. Please make sure that you also have API access enabled. See this screencast for details on how to do this.

  5. Your permissions should now be granted inside your Google Apps console as well as your 'Manage Google Apps' page. Refresh your Lucidchart Google Apps page to see a complete list of users from your domain.

Please contact support if you are still having issues after following these steps. Thanks!

Updated 4.27.2015

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